Heat Moulding Process for Madshus Cross Country Ski Boots

Heat mouldable boot models:

  • Hyper SK
  • RPS
  • RPC
  • RPU
  • Hyper JRR
  • Metis RPS
  • Metis RPU

Congratulations on your decision to purchase Madshus Cross Country Ski boots. Madshus boots are designed to fit well for the vast majority of people right out of the box. However, to get the most out of these boots it is recommended that you heat mould them for a custom fit and even greater boot responsiveness.

If you have any questions about this procedure please contact us in store.


1. Supplies:

  • Hair dryer or ski boot liner heating stacks. (DO NOT use a microwave oven, convectional oven, or heat gun. It will damage the boots and void your warranty).
  • Thin socks.
  • An assistant to help make things easier.

2. Boot preparation:

  • Unzip the lace cover and loosen the laces enough to remove the inside (footbed).
  • Remove the footbed (removable insole) from the boot.
  • Open boot fully.

3. Heating the boots:

  • It is recommended that you heat and mould the boots one at a time.b. If you are using ski boot liner heating stacks place the boot on the heat stack for a period of 10 minutes of heating time.
  • If you are using a hair dryer, insert it into the open boot for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes the sides of the boot and ankle area should become noticeably flexible.
  • The boot is now ready to be custom fit.
  • If the boots are not flexible after 10 minutes then continue to heat them for an additional two minutes.
  • NO NOT increase the temperature setting. Boots that have been damaged by excessive heating from any means (heat gun, oven, heating stack etc.) are not covered under warranty.

4. Moulding the Boots

  • Insert the footbed (removable insole) into the boot
  • Put on a thin sock on the foot to be moulded. Remove the hair dryer, or take boot off of the heating stack and put tem on immediately.
  • Warning – the metal eyelets, zipper handle, etc will be HOT to touch! Please be careful.
  • Lace the boot until they are snug, but not as tight as one might ski in.
  • Weight the boot (stand in the basic ski glide position with your knee over your toes) for about 5-10 minutes to allow the boots to cool and get firm. Your assistant should apply additional hand and finger pressure to important areas such as the heel, ankle under the cuff and sides of the arch on the medial (arch side) and lateral (outside0 sides for the best possible moulding.
  • When the boot has cooled and become stiffer and supportive (5-10 minutes) remove it and mould the other boot starting with step 2a above.
  • When you have completed both boots, go skiing.
  • It is possible to heat mould the boots more then once. Repeat the moulding process until you have achieved the desired fir.

Note: Using a heat gun is not recommended by Madshus due to the risk of damaging synthetic boot materials from too high a setting on the heat gun or by prolonged heating in one area of the boot. Boots that have been damaged by excessive heating from any means (heat gun, oven, heating stack, etc) are not covered under warranty.