Maintaining Peltonen Zeta Based Skis

This noiseless waxless ski base allows skiers to glide faster than the traditional step/crown based skis and even to skate short distances. In order to maintain the original good grip and glide performances of ZETA Bases the following points should be considered:

  1. For NEW skis it is important to spray the ZETA ground base in the mid section of the ski with a Silicon Spray. Suggest STAR SY 40 Fluorinated Spray, or for racing SWIX FC 8A Rocket 100% Fluoro Spray. This will help prevent the fine hairs on the New base from freezing or icing in new snow conditions around 0 degrees
  2. ZETA bases have worked extremely well in all snow conditions with air temperatures from – 5 deg to +10 deg C.
  3. Keep the ZETA base clean. All ski bases attract dirt and collect remnants of other Classic Skiers waxes eg. Klister Clean the ZETA Grip zones with good wax removers eg. SWIX Base Cleaner and a soft cloth  DO NOT USE CITRUS SOLVENTS. These solvents have a citrus oil base and tend to clog the ZETA base, diminishing the gripping properties
  4. For very dirty skis this cleaning process may need to be repeated twice.
    (a) First thoroughly soak the ZETA base area and wait 1 – 2 min for the wax remover to dissolve all dirt and wax. Before wax remover evaporates wipe clean with a soft cloth.
    (b) Repeat this process and wipe clean with  another clean cloth or piece of SWIX fiberlene (lint free paper)
  5. After many Kilometers the fine ZETA base will wear due to friction and abrasion with coarse snow. After 2-3 seasons use, we have found that lightly brushing with a brass or steel brush, brushing in a chevron pattern just as you would apply Klister will definitely increased the gripping performance.  After 4-5 seasons use we have used 60 grit sandpaper vigorously rubbed back and forward along the ZETA base area has helped rejuvenate the ZETA base. Do not remove the hairs but be sure to spray (as above) before use, if you expect temperatures around zero deg. allow the sprays to completely dry out to prevent icing.
  6. YES we have applied grip waxes, both Stick and Klister over the ZETA bases. Particularly after the base had become dirty and was not gripping as well as expected
  7. To clean this wax off, follow step 4 above. DO NOT SCRAPE with a sharp scraper or use a SCOURING PAD to assist in the removal of this wax.
  8. HOT WAXING tips and tails of skis. Use the same procedures as for Skating skis. Note extra care should be taken when scraping and brushing off excess glide wax. Avoid this excess wax and dust from accumulating of the ZETA base. Suggest that hot waxing be completed before cleaning bases.
  9. Remember RE SPRAY ZETA base after each cleaning operation. This will also help keep the ZETA base clean and also prevent Icing.

NOTE: after 5 years use, we have found that with a little care the ZETA base continues to work extremely well in most snow conditions from -5 C – +5 C.  Particularly the Australian snow conditions around 0 Deg C and rising air temperatures when it so difficult to select the correct grip wax. However in rain wetted snow or old corn sloppy snow “ZETA BASE Users” state that they have better grip compared to using Red Klister wax and definitely superior glide in these wet slow snow conditions.

GOOD GRIP and GLIDING and amaze your fellow traditional waxless skiers as you glide quietly past them in the tracks.