Rottefella NIS Ski Binding System

Rottefella has developed a new system in cross-country skiing the Nordic Integrated Sytem (NIS).

By using the NIS system, the bindings may be mounted quickly and easily directly on skis without the use of screws – “click-on”.

The ski producers attach a NIS-plate to the ski, making it an integrated part, and the NNN NIS binding slides on to the plate. The binding may be adjusted in the longitudinal direction and be locked in five different positions, depending on how sohisticated the NIS plate is and what suits the skiier best.

The system has great advantages when compared to what is available on the market today. The close connection between ski and binding offers an excellent stability, ski control and kick. By adjusting the binding forward or backward; the skier is able to adapt an individual kick and technique, thus creating a more relaxed and efficient style.

Maximum Stability
The NNN technology features a particularly broad binding plate. It gives the sole of the boot additional support that can be felt in the form of improved stability

Maximum Control
The dual rail increases stability and system control considerably. Boot and binding interact to perfection.

Power Transfer
The NIS plate is a key element in the successful NNN technology. The NIS binding is not screwed onto the ski. This results in optimum power transfer through free ski flex.

Maximum Contact
No other binding system brings the human foot so close to the cross-country ski. The result is a finer feeling for the movement.