Tips and product care for your ski skins

The five key points of adhesive ski skin care

1. Never expose adhesive ski skins to heat

2. Protect adhesive ski skins against light and solar radiation

3. Dry adhesive ski skins in a dark place at room temperature (without protective film, and not in the skin bag).

4. Keep dry adhesive ski skins in the skin bag, with the protective film

5. Never store wet adhesive ski skins in the skin bag!

Protect adhesive ski skins against heat
Strong solar radiation and heat may cause damage to the adhesive layer, and residues of adhesive may be left behind when you pull the adhesive ski skins off.

What to do in very cold conditions
Warm the adhesive ski skins up on your body before pulling them on. Under extreme conditions, make especially sure that the ski coating is entirely clean and free of snow crystals before fitting the adhesive ski skins.

If there are extreme temperature fluctuations during a ski tour, occasional wrinkling cannot be ruled out even with colltex® adhesive ski skins. If necessary, colltex® impregnating wax or colltex® skinproof prove to be excellent remedies.

Adhesion problems while skiing
If the adhesion on the ends of the adhesive ski skins is reduced, use colltex® quickspray or colltex® quicktex adhesive pads.

Check the adhesive areas regularly, but at least before every tour season. If the adhesive areas are very dirty, clean them with the solder bit (including the spatula attachment) and then renew them with the selected adhesive product from the colltex® range (tube or transfer tape).
Only use colltex® products to treat colltex® adhesive ski skins. The products are matched to the skins so as to guarantee problem-free maintenance and a long useful lifetime for the adhesive ski skins.