Transfer Tape Instructions by Colltex®

The transfer tape in roll allows you to reglue the colltex® adhesive skins.

This method replaces the use of the adhesive tube with solvent base. Adhesive tube is still available.

Instructions for use

  1. Place the skin on a flat surface.
  1. Remove the old glue by using a warming scrape.
  1. Apply the band with care, adhesive side up, to the surface of the skin to be glued, pressing down uniformly.
  1. Heat the band using an iron or a waxing iron (approximate temperature 150°C). Iron very slowly (1 minute per band). The glue will cover the skin uniformly.
  1. The skins are ready after the cooling. Remove the protective tape for immediate use or keep it on until you’re ready to use your colltex® skins.

The transfer tape in roll of 50 m is available in widths of 65, 68, 100 and 115 mm.