Asnes X Skin 58mm Mohair

$135.00 inc GST

X-Skin 58mm is produced in 100% mohair by Colltex in Switzerland for optimal speed and grip. X-Skin skins can be used on all Åsnes skis with a skin insertion point.
Manufacturer: Åsnes



In short, Mohair glides better than Nylon.
Feel free to choose Nylon if you are going to pull heavy loads, planning on embarking on an expedition or if you for example do a lot of downhill skiing with the skins on. Nylon is much more durable than other materials.
If the focus is better glide and a faster pace, choose Mohair. Easy as that.
Often, some choose to purchase a pair of Nylon skins as the “wear and tear option” and possibly a second pair of Mohair skins for flat terrain and better glide. A good option could be to choose a narrower mohair skin for better glide and less friction.

To further enhance its performance, we recommend impregnating the skins with wax or skin impregnation to provide better glide and reduced friction.

Short climbing skins from Åsnes are delivered in a practical bag customized for X-Skin, which can be attached to your backpack or belt. The bag has a perforated fabric on the bottom, allowing the skin to dry and water to flow out.

At 58mm this skin is well-suited for the wide BC models – perfect for Ingstad, Tonje, Breidablikk, Konsgvold, Falketind 62 and Rabb 68.

Equipped with a skin-protector at the front to prevent ice and snow accumulating on it and to secure it for long distances.

Maintenance and storage:

To preserve the quality of skins as long as possible, we recommend they should always be kept clean, immediately dried after usage, and periodically waxed or proofed. It is best to store this skin in the accompanying bag.

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