Black Diamond Transfer 3

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The transfer snow shovel model takes a more traditional design approach, opting for maximum extendable shaft length. But the tradition stops there. The unique trapezoidal shaft cannot rotate, allowing for simple spring-pin engagement, and creates a very lightweight and stiff reach for large rescues or digging deep pits. The ultra-strong aluminium blade is engineered for maximum snow removal with the smallest footprint of space and digs smooth, clean walls for pit analysis. Its handle feels like a D-grip but packs like a T-grip – small but glove and mitt friendly in one elegant design while allowing for all the leverage you need.
Manufacturer: Black Diamond


Removable, trapezoidal shaft
Hybrid D/T handle
The Transfer 7 has a greater extension and blade volume

Tech Specs

Blade Volume :   [Transfer 3] 1.14 L, 0.3 gal; [Transfer 7] 2.65 L, 0.7 gal
Weight :   [Transfer 3] 650 g, 1 lb 7 oz; [Transfer 7] 770 g, 1 lb 11 oz

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