Madshus Race Pro Skate Jr

$629.00 inc GST

A junior racing skate ski with a P190 racing base and a sidecut for added stability.

NOTE: This is a bulky item as has a $35.00 delivery fee


The Race Pro Skate Jr ski is a great option for juniors starting out in the sport of cross-country skiing. The construction and materials used take inspiration from our senior models, but the geometry is adjusted for the proportions and weight of junior skiers. With an emphasis on stability, the Race Pro Skate Jr is the perfect ski for building confidence and improving balance and skills. This helps your junior to advance to the next level, and will allow them to have fun doing so!

polycell neg


A PU-based foam core providing lightweight consistency and excellent damping. Pre-formed to our 3D-shape and reinforced with carbon and fiberglass to guarantee the maximum performance and ski feel.



A reinforced core, covered by a cap, creates a very durable and lightweight construction, and provides tremendous versatility in targeting specific camber and flex characteristics.

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