Madshus Race Speed Skin 2023

$975.00 inc GST

A wax free classic ski for training and racing with a P200 nano racing base and Integrated Mohair and nylon skin for waxfree performance. Integrated NIS II Move Compatible binding mounting plate.

NOTE: This is a bulky item as has a $35.00 delivery fee


Carbon construction and a camber optimized for the Madshus Integrated skin, the Race Speed Skin is a fantastic choice for training and racing when you don’t want to apply klister or kick wax. The Madshus Integrated Skin is made from 70% mohair and 30% nylon, and the length and thickness profile has been selected to work in all snow conditions so you can spend less time waxing and more time skiing!



Interlocking strands of fiberglass and carbon fiber surround the entire core, producing excellent torsional rigidity and strength with light weight and a lively response.

speed tip neg


The ideal low angle splay calculated to lengthen the ski’s pressure zone, maximizing glide for cold and compact snow conditions.

skin integrated


The IntelliGrip® Skin is integrated into the base, providing great glide along with strong grip, making classic skiing even easier. The progressive skin profile, and our unique mix of Mohair and nylon ensure optimal grip and glide in all conditions.

fluor free bases


Everyone in our sport benefits from nature’s beauty, which is why we are working hard to minimize our effect on the environment that we all hold so dear. Skis marked with the «Fluor Free Ski Bases» logo indicate exactly that: a ski which does not use fluorocarbons in the base material.

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