Madshus Ultrasonic Skate Ski

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Featuring the Madshus Paulownia core construction with our unique fiberglass and carbon layup, the redesigned Ultrasonic is the perfect ultralight entry-level race performance cross country ski for the aspiring Nordic racer. The shorter length, moderate sidecut, light weight, and responsive carbon reinforcement accelerate quickly and provide exceptional feel from the snow. The P-Tex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base offers extra speed when it comes to glide and smoothness.
Manufacturer: Madshus

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Length: 170-195cm/5
Sidecut: 44-42-43mm
Weight: 1150g/190cm
Core: Paulownia/Carbon Hybrid

Base: P-Tex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing

Paulownia/ Carbon Hybrid Construction

Paulownia/ Carbon Hybrid Construction provides an extremely lightweight torsion box ski. Paulownia– a fast-growing, farm-raised, wood core material with fantastic weight and even density – is surrounded by carbon reinforcement for optimal lightweight stiffness and torsion whether it’s for fast acceleration exercise or all-day touring performance.

PTex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base

The PTex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base uses polyethylene pellets pressed into a hard block and cut off into thin strips. This results in a very hard base that is relatively porous and accepts glide wax well, especially after numerous applications. The objective in waxing the sintered racing base is to match the hardness of the wax used with the hardness of the snow.

Torsion Cap Construction

Torsion Cap Construction involves a braided core covered by a cap. This form of construction allows for very durable and light construction and provides tremendous versatility in ski characteristics.

  • 1) Cap or 3D Cap
  • 2) Unidirectional Fiberglass
  • 3) Unidirectional Carbon
  • 4) Core
  • 5) Multidirectional Fiberglass
  • 6) Base