Rottefella Move Tune Skate Kit NIS 1

$249.00 inc GST

The Rottefella MOVE Tune Skate gives you the opportunity to fine-tune based on the snow conditions, the terrain and your own technique. Fine-tune the binding between 9 positions, 48 ​​mm in total, without taking off your skis. Turn the MOVE Tune lever clockwise to move the bindings forward up to 18mm, 6mm per step, or counter-clockwise to move the binding backwards, up to 30mm.
The binding comes with a medium flex that can easily be changed to a harder or softer flex. Flexen is a flexible cushion that provides bending resistance and contributes to better control on the skis. The binding is approved by FIS and can be used in all competitions. Rottefella MOVE Tune Skate fits skate skis.
Manufacturer: Rottefella