Rottefella NTN Freeride Telemark Binding

$999.00 inc GST

The future of telemark skiing is here! Leaving the traditional 75mm duckbill behind, the progressive New Telemark Norm – NTN – splits from the herd to redefine free heel technology. Easier, smoother, and stronger, the binding’s construction and performance are unlike anything you’ve ever skied.
Manufacturer: Rottefella


The NTN Freeride is a binding for telemark and freeride skiing. It gives the skier unparalleled edge control and a variety of user benefits. It offers the simplicity and security of an alpine binding without sacrificingthe freedom of the heels. Depending on the skier’s weight, boot size and ability, he or she can choose from four different Power Tubes (springs): Green (Soft) or Blue (Medium) to better reflect their style and/or preference. Ski brakes are included. Standard ski brakes have the width of 115 mm. A 125 mm ski brake is available as an accessory.

Increased lateral stability, edge control, and adjustable forward flex.
NTN users experience immediate energy transfer from boot to edge. Plus, new spring technology provides an even, smooth and adjustable forward flex. Release function The NTN binding has a sideways release system*. With regards to release values, the springs in the NTN binding can be pre-tightenedor reduced in tightness. NTN bindings are symmetrical; no left or right ski. You will ride longer on sharp edges.
Easy in – easy out means you never have to bend over to put on your telemark binding again. With the grip of a ski pole, flick the lever open, step in, and push the lever back down. NTN boots Scarpa, Crispi and Garmont have designed boots to work specifically with NTN.

Weight: 1940 grams per pair
Height: 30 mm
Rotation point: 22 mm behind tip of boot
Heel lifter: 50 mm
Ski brake: standard 115 mm

Boot size large:
26.5 and up Scarpa/Crispi
26.0 and up Garmont/Scott

Boot size small:
26.0 and lower Scarpa/Crispi
25.5 and lower Garmont/Scott

NTN Power Tubes:
Color/ Tension/ Size
Green/ Soft/ Small
Blue/ Medium/ Large

NTN Ski brake: 125 mm
NTN Spacer
NTN Mountingplate and heel