Swix BA110 Wet Lube 100ml

$24.50 inc GST

SWIX Wet Lube ensures great chain lubrication in wet conditions. Hydrophobic and dirt resistant. SWIX Wet Lube is the product of countless iterations and deep research and development. Biodegradable. Liquid bottle with practical «twist-lock» opening. 100 ml.
Manufacturer: Swix


Extend performance in tough conditions
Handy sized bottle
«Twist-lock» opening

Drizzle. Wind. Sweat. Mud. SWIX is for everyone who loves training outdoors, in all conditions. Since 1946, SWIX has been testing and developing products for Nordic conditions, and knows what it takes to be the best – and to look good doing it. We call this SWIXFACTOR. – INSPIRED BY DREAMS