Swix BA130 Bike Wash 1000ml

$24.95 inc GST

A powerful, gentle cleaner for the entire bike. Effective, even at low temperatures.
Manufacturer: Swix


Extends durability for the bike
Easy-to-use pump spray bottle

SWIX Bike Wash is made to impress with an easy-to-use spray bottle and a dirt repellent, eco-friendly formula designed to extend durability for the entire bike. Gentle to use, yet effective when removing mud and grime. Spray on, wait 3 minutes and rinse with clean water. Remove mud and grime with a sponge or brush if necessary. Biodegradable. Pump Spray bottle. 1000 ml.
Drizzle. Wind. Sweat. Mud. SWIX is for everyone who loves training
outdoors, in all conditions. Since 1946, SWIX has been testing
and developing products for Nordic conditions, and knows what it
takes to be the best – and to look good doing it. We call this SWIXFACTOR. – INSPIRED BY DREAMS