Swix Marathon Powder Black 40g

$149.00 inc GST

Fluor free, durable glide wax powder for longer distances. The powder version of the well-known Marathon DHFF, developed for easier application.
Manufacturer: Swix


Marathon powder is a new product in the portfolio this winter, and is the powder version of the well-known Marathon DHFF. Applying this powder is much easier than applying the marathon hardwax as it melts a lot easier, and is much easier to scrape off. The durability remains the same. The grain size of the powder is thoroughly tested to reach the best application result and the best performance of the product.

Distribute a good layer of the powder on the base, and iron two times to be sure all the wax is melted. Iron temperature 160°C, and the speed of the iron approximately 5 to 7 seconds on the whole length of a ski. After cooling down, scrape off, using plexiblade and then brush with steel or copper and polish with blue nylon.

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