Swix Pro Racing Diamond Stone X-Fine 1000: 100mm

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Bluee: Professional 1000 grit 5th Step – polishing. 100mm Length Moonflex is the revolutionary diamond file which allows a quick and easy sharpening of your ski edges(or snowboards or speedskates).
Manufacturer: Swix


Moonflex Diamond Files are the leading diamond files for ski servicing. Produced by Swix, the files consist of a special material coated with industrial strength diamond particles. This makes diamond files extremely good at cutting all materials including glass. Moonflex files are mounted on a flexible plastic base to allow the file to follow the shape of the ski or snowboard edge.

The Moonflex 100 mm file series is the perfect workshop diamond file, compatible with most tools and file guides. They are used to produce the ultimate smooth finish on a ski or snowboard edge. Available in various grades, the most popular being the 400 and 600 grade, a 1500 grade is available for the ultimate ‘race ready’ finish.

Material: Industrial grade diamond particles mounted on a flexible plastic colour coded base.
Notes: Available in 100, 200, 400, 600 and 1500 grit grades.

The balanced abrasive action of Moonflex diamond files shapes accurate and sharp corners on ski edges, allowing at the same time a low friction coefficient on ice and snow, as well as an incredibly long-lasting edge. Both these features are extremely important to ensure high performance and safety.